Eglise de Lachapelle
Eglise de Lachapelle

Honey Museum


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The tour consists of 3 parts: the first is devoted to the former French beekeeping with a reminder of the bee's life and an exhibition of wax. In the video for 20 minutes after we see the work season from a beekeeper and the manufacture of candies Honey. In the last part you will tour the world in the international exhibition. Chantal and Emile Molès reported to you from distant countries hives and unusual objects as African beehives, beehives trigons of Mexico, hives statues German, the honey pots of Madagascar ... The various glass hives you will to watch the bees at work before sampling the different honeys and sweets at the end of the visit.

Opening period:
from 1/05 to 31/05: weekend and bank holidays 10 am-11am * and 15h-18h *
from 1/06 to 30/09: daily (except Wednesday) 10 am-11am * and 14h-18h *
* Start time of the last visit
1/10 to 1/06: Open for groups of over 10 people by reservation.
Minimum duration of visit: 1 hour

Language(s) : FR

Facilities and services

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  • Self-guided tour for groups
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  • Gratuit pour les moins de 7 ans0 €
    Plus de 12 ans4 €
    De 7 à 12 ans3 €

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