Eglise de Lachapelle
Eglise de Lachapelle

St Orens church

82500 MAUBEC
Tél. 05 63 65 21 38
Lat : 43.809231
Long :   0.916148


The originality of this church was the presence in front of a huge bell tower, high of thirty four meters, a quite exceptional kind in the region. Octagonal like the church of Mauvezin (Gers), he was shot by the Huguenots in 1590. Only the base remained, making porch office.

Fortunately, after the filing of the church under the Historic buildings, the exterior restoration could begin in 1993. We owe him the little triangular bell wall, pierced by three bell-berries, which now comes to be against the sky Lomagne . The electrification of the bells was the occasion of a moving discovery: three cannonballs very probably from the 1590 siege during the Wars of Religion.

Opening time :
From April to October: open daily from 10am to 18pm.
From March to November: 10h to 18h weekend


Language(s) : FR

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