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Les Produits du Soleil

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In 1945, Robert Malagutti created a company for the distribution of garlic, onion and shallots on the retail markets of the Paris region. In 1973, René Malagutti - his son - took over the company to develop it in France Nord. He joined forces with Bernard Vézinhet who developed it on France Sud.

In 1984, Les Produits du Soleil became the first brand in the garlic-onion-shallot-potato sector.
The objective is to guarantee our customers and consumers a regular and very good quality product.

In 1988, Les Produits du Soleil launched the first fruit and vegetable displays.
In 1998, Les Produits du Soleil changed its commercial structure with the aim of focusing particularly on mass distribution and export.

Since 2004, Les Produits du Soleil, positioned at the top of the range, has been keen to develop local specialties, certified and labeled, establishing itself in the production areas of its exclusive crops and positioning itself as a vector of visibility with the brands of mass distribution.

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